I’m Georgi de Stigter, a passionate educator.

My background is in primary education. I have worked within an intermediate class at Sylvia Park School with 1-1 devices, before completing a post graduate diploma in numeracy intervention and taking on the role of Library Leader at HPSS. Recently I have moved back to primary teaching full time in order to hone my teaching skills and be more available for my 2.5 year old Thea.

I love a challenge and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on education, literacy and future focussed ideas.


This blog has tracked my growth mindset musings on the journey towards creating an innovate and inspiring physical and online space known as a Library in a modern learning environment. It is now about my personal reflections on the art which is teaching.

You can follow this blog via email, or catch up with me via Twitter.

DISCLAIMER: this blog operates under a Creative Commons license, which allows this content to be shared and used for the benefit of other educators. These opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the school board or other staff members.

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