Accessibility is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

The predominance of textual processing disorders such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia are on the rise. Teachers and schools are being forced to adapt/improve pre-existing models of education to ensure these students are accessing the curriculum and achieving at their best.


3D Printing – a new fad or here to stay?

You may have noticed in my earlier blog posts mention of my excitement at the prospect of having a 3D printer in the library this year. I planned for it by attending workshops at U-Learn, tinkering around online with various 3D design web apps and carefully considering how I could implement it into the library…

How’s your reading culture?

Students spend the majority of their year in a focussed environment where they are consistently practicing and participating in reading. But when the doors close for summer and the students leave to head back into the real world, they don’t perceive reading as a fun or pleasurable activity. And therefore not worth pursuing whilst they are away from school. The strategies that haven’t quite turned into long term knowledge disappear into the clear blue skies of summer break. Thus resulting in a regression in reading progress.

The Power of Professional Development

I was privileged to host the SLANZA Term 4 event in our library last weekend and was blown away by the passion, and in depth conversations I witnessed from the 37 participants. Being a new librarian I find it invaluable to attend as much professional development as I can. The potential and mind expanding properties…