How’s your reading culture?

Students spend the majority of their year in a focussed environment where they are consistently practicing and participating in reading. But when the doors close for summer and the students leave to head back into the real world, they don’t perceive reading as a fun or pleasurable activity. And therefore not worth pursuing whilst they are away from school. The strategies that haven’t quite turned into long term knowledge disappear into the clear blue skies of summer break. Thus resulting in a regression in reading progress.

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The Power of Professional Development

I was privileged to host the SLANZA Term 4 event in our library last weekend and was blown away by the passion, and in depth conversations I witnessed from the 37 participants. Being a new librarian I find it invaluable to attend as much professional development as I can. The potential and mind expanding properties…

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Themifying our Collection – why and how?

Libraries have traditionally organised their collection based on the author’s surname and in the case of non-fiction upon the Dewey Decimal system. However, a fictional collection based solely on an author’s surname does not appear to be a responsive or particularly helpful method for students to find books. And here’s why… Jean Piaget was an educational…

Digital Citizenship

The power of gaming in education

This term I have been offering a MyTime slot known as Gamer’s Anonymous. Most Wednesdays I have the privilege of hosting this slot in our library and watching the students strategically and skilfully playing games such as DOTA, LOL, Minecraft and Neverwinter. I never wanted the library to be a silent space where I peer…

Creating a Space

Space. The noun describes a physical space where people are free to remain or move around. As a verb, it refers to the act of positioning items at a distance from each other. When creating a physical space to initiate, support and enhance learning the purposeful creation of separate and well positioned spaces is an…


The Circles of influence

Over the past three weeks the vision for our library has been at the forefront of my mind. Settling down to the nuts and bolts of book buying and equipment/technology installation has made this journey feel even more real. After a meeting with Mark Osbourne, I was introduced to this Ted Talk; How Great Leaders…